And so the end of this ridiculously strange year has finally arrived!

Judging by the conversations I’ve had with clients, friends and some new acquaintances, 2014 has proved to be a year of change, challenges, questions and weird energy shifts for most, myself included.

I read recently that it is important to review your year that has passed and acknowledge your highs and lows, failures and achievements.  Something I’ve not practised with much intention in the past.

In doing this, I’ve managed to recognize a few ways in which I’ve done myself a few disservices in 2014 and thought it might be helpful to you if I shared the 3 things I think we should all do more of in 2015.  So here goes…

1.  Plan your holidays/breaks/getaways/down-time for the whole year in advance:

I’ve been calling 2014 my year of “No Holiday” for a few months now because I realised that I have in fact not taken any time off (A.K.A COMPLETELY relax/shut off/be creative/do nothing/don’t think about business or clients) at all this year!  Hah!  Fancy that!

In doing this, I have got myself so would up in my little ball of stress that my creativity has suffered and I’ve in fact proved to be more of a frazzled energy than a happy, healthy and vibrant one… everything I strive to be and wish for my clients.

What a contradiction right there!

So people, if you have managed to do the same during 2014 and can’t remember the last time you took a break from all the madness to allow your creativity to flow and brain and body to reset, please get your 2015 calendar out ASAP and start planning those holidays yo!  I have!

2.  Get barefoot and outside on a regular basis:

When I first started in the PT business, the thing I hated the most about my job was having to wear shoes.  Yes, I’m not joking…  I hated wearing shoes.  Spending days barefoot in a dance studio was what I knew.

There is something that has to be said about being barefoot 90% of the day.  I truly believe that you feel more grounded and therefore are more observant and in tune with what’s going on around you. *insert “Leilah is a total hippy!” thought here*

This is not something I didn’t do in 2014, as I take every opportunity to get barefoot, especially now that I have my own business and I’m the Boss-Lady, but it’s something I plan to do even MORE of in 2015!  Try it and let me know if I’ve officially lost my marbles.

The best time to be barefoot in my opinion is either on sand or on wet earth (dry earth will do too).  If you’re feeling brave, drop down onto all fours and crawl your little heart out and just enjoy nature.  Heavens, roll down a hill if need be!


THIS is something I did not do in 2014 and am going to schedule into my week in 2015.  Get outside!

It’s so easy to get stuck behind these strange technological machines that we have become so dependent on.  Not only are they destroying our health and posture, but they are affecting our relationships and natural instincts.  I have fallen victim this year and vow to reverse the occurrence and get outside instead!  Come and join me.


3.  Ask for more:

I’ve mentioned asking for more in a previous blog post and I still maintain that it is in fact something we all need to do more of.

Some of us are very quick to say “Yes”.  Generally speaking, when we say “Yes” we are giving.  We could be giving our time, our love, our advice, our opinions, our health or anything else we are capable of giving.

2014 was my year of “Yes”.  This began with saying “Yes” to a lot of things that resulted in my health (emotional and physical) deteriorating early in the year.  It also resulted in me starting my own business which has brought me a lot of joy but with the joy has come stress.  I’ve said “Yes” to a lot of things that may not have been the right decisions in the long run that I now need to revisit and change.

By nature I am a giver.  I believe in “Good Vibes” if you will, and all that positive energy stuff.  So I very rarely sit back and think “Hmmm, what am I actually saying “Yes” to here?”

Now please don’t get me wrong.  I am not saying don’t give.  By all means give.  Give give give!  If you give you shall receive.  What I’m saying is say “Yes” and give consciously.  Be aware.

The gist of all this is, say “Yes” if you are saying it consciously knowing what you are giving and how it will affect you in the long run.  Are you giving for the mutual benefit of all parties involved, or are you giving and going to suffer for it or is it going to impact your life negatively?  Give because you want to, not because you have to or feel obliged to.

More importantly, ask for more.

You can’t be saying “Yes, yes, yes” all the time and not ask for anything in return once in a while.  Sometimes you can also just ask without having necessarily given yet, or at all.  This has been a big lesson for me in 2014!

My Dad sent me an email recently and ended off with “Remember your Pa is always available for support”.  I got a little tear in my eye because I realised I’ve barely even reached out to my own parents for help or support this year.  Pride?  Hard-arsed-ness?  Wanting to show everyone I can do it on my own? …Hell only knows but I can tell you I’d probably have saved myself the one GREY HAIR I found two days ago (this is another topic entirely!  I’m slightly upset about it!) if I’d just reached out to the people who love me the most and asked for more.  “More” can mean whatever it needs to – love, support, money, advice, opinions, or feedback… whateeever it needs to be.

So, if you are naturally a giver like me, or even if you’re not, try not to be afraid to ask for more and say “Yes” a little less… especially if it doesn’t feel right to do so.


If you’ve managed to get to the end of this blog post, I hope that you can relate to some of these things that I suggest we do more of in 2015. 

At the end of the day, I think what I’ve realised this year is that ultimately we are all human.  We cannot attempt to control every aspect of our lives and make it all fit together like a perfect puzzle.  All my downfalls this year have been a lesson in that.  All the pressure I’ve put on myself to succeed and hit goals has somewhat backfired because I haven’t just chilled and allowed for some natural progression and flow.

You can plan your little heart out but if you are going in with the wrong mind-set and not taking time to just be a human, you end up making life very difficult for yourself.

So, go on holiday, get outside and ask for more!

Have a happy and safe festive season and thank you for your support during this challenging year for me while trying to establish myself in the health and wellness industry.

May 2015 bring us all improved health, adventure and loads of happiness!

With Love


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  1. I love you Leilah! You make me laugh and inspire me everytime I read your posts. Congratulations girl, you have grown so much this year and I’m so proud of you! Lots of love! PS – I am totally on your page with the barefoot vibe 😉 mwah xxx

    1. Thanks Shan! I’m so glad what feel like random wafflings of my thoughts and observations are somewhat useful to others 🙂 Thank YOU for giving me the confidence to go forth and do this all! You’ve played a big part in it! Barefoot all the way! xxx

  2. Leilah, I could relate to absolutely everything you said just now! Even the bit about “if you made it this far in the blog post”; my distractions normally don’t allow me to finish reading a blog post or an article. I am writing more than I wanted to, but I simply just want to say THANK YOU! You are officially now my spiritual guide and guru… Congratulations! And don’t feel under presure at all (being a giver myself, I know you probably felt responsable now for my spiritual wellbeing after that comment …lol). Xxx Karen (Kai)

    1. Hi Karen

      Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m glad you could relate. I’m not sure if Im yet ready to accept the title of Spiritual Guide and Guru (LOL) but thanks for that too. At least I seem to be making some sense. 😉

      Have a happy New Year.

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