kill meI’ve heard some horror stories involving clients and their “Personal Trainer” (PT) and everyone seems to think that enlisting the services of a PT is really expensive.  Basically, PT’s have a bit of a bad rap, generally speaking.

When it comes to cost, the great thing is that a lot of PT’s are making their services a lot more accessible to the general public (not just celebs and millionaires) by offering group training.  This means you can still be guided through a session by a professional, for half the price of a private session.

When it comes to trainers having a bad reputation, I get mad!  I get mad because those of us who consider this our job and take it seriously paid a sh*t load of money to study and get certified in order to earn a living by helping people achieve healthy bodies through training.  So the okes and chicks who mess around and play funny buggers with clients after barely passing an exam, under charging for sessions and injuring them (without really giving a damn) really piss me off.  These are the trainers who give the rest of us a bad name.  I’ll end my rant now. 😉

Personal Trainers are professionals in their field.  Just like you would get a dentist to check out your teeth and a doctor to sort out your illness, we are skilled in the art of providing motivation and teaching you how to effectively move your body in order to gain strength, lose weight, become more flexible, become fitter, improve your posture and help you reach exercise/fitness/wellness goals.

If you’re considering seeking one of us to help you, here are 5 reasons why you need a Personal Trainer in your life;

  1. You lack motivation to exercise

You weren’t an active child, or you were and you’re now an inactive adult, suffering from multiple aches and pains and the thought of walking up stairs is a bit of a joke.  Or, you are the human who really really wants to get fit but you can’t be bothered to schedule a gym visit or anything active into your diary – there is always something more important to do.  You need a PT to kick your butt into shape, get you off the couch and introduce you to the wonderful world of movement by scheduling appointments and being accountable to someone else!

go to the gym

  1. You don’t know what you’re doing

You’ve had a gym membership for years but have only walked through the doors (to grab a smoothie) maybe twice?  The machinery freaks you out, you have no idea what a kettlebell is and trying to start the treadmill causes you anxiety.  You need a PT to guide you through movement and technique, how to use equipment and when to do what type of exercise.  It’s like learning how to drive a car.  You employ an instructor to teach you how to drive and eventually it becomes second nature!

i dont always

  1. You’ve hit a plateau

You’ve been training yourself.  Researching all the best workouts and have managed to lose the first 5kg’s on your own but nothing more is budging, despite your best efforts.  You need a PT to change up your routine and introduce you to new movement patterns and push you through the moments you could usually stop when training on your own.  Some PT’s have no mercy and most will push you out of your comfort zones.  You need this!

  1. You’re not getting results

You’re running, lifting, swimming, kettlebelling, boxing, Pilatesing, Yogaring but you’re not getting the results you want!  You need a PT to guide you through structured workouts related to your goals and help you map out effective exercise plans.  You also need to remember that rest is part of a training programme, or perhaps you aren’t training enough.  Let a PT help you figure it out!  (Obviously diet plays a role here too!)

  1. You have injuries (old & new)

Now this is a tricky one as not all PT’s are qualified to rehabilitate injuries… although some think they are!  Be careful here.  If you have injuries (old & new) make sure you are training with a PT who has certified knowledge on how to rehabilitate them and if not, make sure they are at least a certified PT!   Your local physiotherapist or biokineticist is also an option here if your PT is not qualified to do rehab with you – ask the physio/bio to prescribe rehab exercises for your PT to do with you.  Sometimes it’s beneficial to enlist the services of all three depending on the severity of the injury and if you can afford to.  Pilates is also a great option for injured bodies as it’s low impact, strengthens the core and aims to iron out muscle imbalances.


Did any of these reasons resonate with you?  If so, you need a Personal Trainer.  If you really can’t afford it, save up so that you can purchase a month of sessions and tell your trainer that you want and need to LEARN as much as possible in that month.  Take what you learn, research and apply it on your own (you can even train at home if you can’t afford a gym membership!) until you can afford another month.  Check in, learn more and repeat.  There is also so much information online and Youtube is a great source for home workout routines.

Essentially, there are no excuses.  That’s such a clichéd saying in the industry, but seriously, if you felt something niggling at your conscience while reading this post, there really are no excuses for you not at least giving it a try.

I’m just saying 😉

With Love



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