Hi there, I’m Leilah.

I am a movement coach, dancer and physical theatre artist, based in Cape Town, South Africa.

My lifetime love affair with dance and performance has lead me to evolve into a curious and passionate facilitator of alternative movement methods and disciplines. 

I help people become aware of how to move their bodies efficiently and aim to inspire new perspectives, approaches and attitudes to daily life and how we choose to move through it.

My mission is to inspire, empower and celebrate the creativity in people, through a movement practice.

ARE YOU STILL DANCING? Is a question I get asked often.  My identity has been largely tied up in dance, theatre, performance and movement arts, so I am never surprised when I run into someone from many moons ago and they ask, “are you still dancing?”

While movement is my first love and life’s passion, I’ve come to a point where remembering all the other things that light me up and make me human, are just as important…

So I’m putting a twist on this question as a reminder to myself, and maybe to you too, to give time and attention to all the other curiosities, skills and activities that hover in and around my identity as a mover… and this blog is where I will share my reflections.

Everything written here in this space is subjective and of course related to my experience of the world, my education thus far, the circumstances I’ve been born into (and how I’m reprogramming certain conditioning!) and the choices I make as I walk this weird road of learning about life.  I never intend to push my opinions, views or reflections onto anyone and am open to receiving feedback, resources and/or to engage in useful conversations on any topic. 

My intention is simply to share my musings through writing, because I enjoy writing and maybe, through sharing my thoughts, they inspire you to pursue more of your personal interests and/or initiate a reflection process.

Thanks for reading.

Much Love,


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