Hellooo everyone!

I feel like it’s been an age since I last wrote and for this I must apologise!  My busy brain has been distracted by the onset of #Summer2014 and so I have been taking more time to mooove my own body and keeping my thoughts all to myself.

We all know this, but it has to be said again that movement is a wonderful stress-reliever!

I’m continuing to get great feedback from my clients who are not only feeling the benefits of a stronger body, but also lower stress levels!  I literally have clients who get upset when they miss training due to last minute meetings at work, because they find that an hour spent moving their body, helps them deal with the stress of their workload.  It’s a no-brainer really.

So, with Summer on my mind, Nutritional Guides from Kelly Scholtz (Schreuder) on offer, clients feeling the added end-of-year work stress building and a challenge to all of you to add an extra day of movement to your weekly schedule…

I’m adding extra sessions in Summer to #amomenttomove!

Tuesday and Thursday 6pm Outdoor Training Sessions (some 9am sessions in December – email me for dates)

I’d like to encourage you to bring a friend or two.

Drop-in rate of R80.

All you’ll need to bring is; a mat of your own / a sweat towel / a water bottle / R80 / a good attitude and a smile!

Sessions are 45 minutes of functional body-weight training and basic Pilates matwork.  No memberships or contracts.  Attend as many classes as you like!

Venue:  Wynberg Boys High School (click here for map)

I look forward to meeting you and your friends this Summer!

I will continue to aim to help women start feeling better about their bodies and assist in their discovery of inner and physical strength through movement!

With Love


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