Do You Travel Often? This is for you…

If you are a frequent traveller, this post is for you! Spending hours cooped up in an airplane or any form of long distance transport is likely to leave you feeling stiff and dehydrated.  I encourage you to take some time during and/or after your journey to move your body, just as urgently as you reach for a bottle of water post travel! The video below takes you through a

There is No Such Thing as a Thigh Gap!

Oh, good!  I got your attention did I?  What is it with this “thigh gap” nonsense and when did it become something to achieve? Yes, some young girls and slender women have visible gaps between their thighs.  This my friend, is mostly due to a skeletal (bone) structure that involves the heads of the femurs (thigh bones) to sit quite wide apart in the pelvis (which will also be quite

Conversations with Khayla

Recently I had a very interesting conversation with my cousin’s daughter who is just about to make the big jump from Michael Oak to Rustenburg Girls for her Grade 8 year.  Not only is this the beginning of her high school life but it’s also a big shift from a very open-minded schooling system that she has grown up a part of, to an all-girls Government school which is rooted

Healthy Living in 2015!

My goal for 2015 is to spread health and happiness to my clients and to as many people, near and far that I can reach. I’m hoping to share even more information about healthy living and how you can easily implement it into your daily choices in 2015! Below you will find x3 info-graphics that are simply awesomely healthy and easy-to-follow.  If you click here you’ll find even more awesomeness!

How to Deflate Your Holiday Weight!

If your holiday was anything like mine, you’ve probably enjoyed one too many cocktails, made sure you slathered your bread generously with butter and slothed around like a blubberish seal slothing on the sea shore!  Holidays are for living and let’s just say, this year, I wasn’t shy to live a little. Ironically, when I jumped on the scale yesterday, to my surprise I’ve in fact not picked up any

3 Things to do More of in 2015

And so the end of this ridiculously strange year has finally arrived! Judging by the conversations I’ve had with clients, friends and some new acquaintances, 2014 has proved to be a year of change, challenges, questions and weird energy shifts for most, myself included. I read recently that it is important to review your year that has passed and acknowledge your highs and lows, failures and achievements.  Something I’ve not

Body Image: The mirror, the photographs and your head

Yep, that’s right.  I’m going to try and tackle the monumental topic that is “Body Image”.  Call me crazy, but here goes nothing. One of the main reasons for trying to discuss this topic is because a few weeks ago, I had a few strange experiences with photographs.  Let me explain… At the beginning of September, I dragged myself out of a Winter slump and embarked on a 3 day

5 Simple Ways to Eat Better Daily

It has to be said that “being healthy” is in fact a balance of being kind to yourself and making certain lifestyle choices. This will mean something different for everyone as we all have different health goals and all have a different idea of what “being healthy” is. Some general aspects of living a healthy lifestyle include: Eating a well-balanced diet Exercising (moving) daily or regularly Drinking enough water Getting enough sleep

Style Africa Interview

I’ve been featured in the Lifestyle section on the super stylish Style Africa website this month! Kyle Haffajee, asks me how I stay motivated, how important nutrition is and what my favourite workout/exercise is! Thanks, Kyle for choosing to interview me out of a lot of really great Cape Town trainers and teachers! See the link below for the full article. [cta headline=”Q&A with Pilates Instructor Leilah Kirsten” buttontext=”Read Me!” buttonlink=””