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Leilah is more than just a personal trainer. Always ready to lend an ear and encourage her clients with advice and suggestions for their specific needs, Leilah's passion for her work is infectious and inspiring. Training with her is fun and always a pleasure and it's great knowing she's got my back! I would recommend Leilah to anyone looking to improve their physical fitness and overall well-being.

Claire Allison

I grew tired of all the diets and weight fluctuation over the years, and generally not feeling healthy or ever maintaining a balance in my health and fitness. I decided to strive to find this balance this year, starting with Leilah. No more crazy diets, detoxes, up and downs or fighting the love/hate relationship with my body. I am doing something about it. Small baby steps, slowly but surely. I started training with Leilah in June. I stumbled across her on social media, and after following her for a while I felt like I could totally relate to her posts, I asked if she had a website. Turns out she did, and offers training lessons in Wynberg overlooking the beautiful school fields. It has been challenging, I have cried real tears whilst doing burpees (my absolute worst) over the frustration of my body not doing what I need it to do because it is not there yet. Progression, fighting, pushing myself and the encouragement from Leilah over the last few months and finally, I am noticing, feeling and seeing the difference. I feel I am closest to that “balance”, which I have yearned for my entire life, as I have ever been. I sleep better, feel better, have a clearer mind, have more energy, and learning to be kind to my body and love it through this process and lifestyle change. Food and exercise effect the way we feel and the way we feel effects what we eat and when we exercise. I think I get it!

Kelly Wells

Training with Leilah provides a very safe space where Leilah helps you work towards your goals, always supporting, guiding and motivating! Leilah goes beyond just training... a listening ear, a caring touch-base SMS and a personal cheerleader. She's always on your side. Leilah is an inspiring individual who helps you to become more confident and happy about yourself inside and out! I feel very privileged to have Leilah guiding me through this journey!

Abby Mills

When circumstances forced me to look for a new personal trainer, my sister unhesitatingly recommended that I get in touch with you. Her recommendation was based on a view that you are exceptional in your ability to be non-judgmental about body 'issues' and are very balanced in your approach. The warmth and dedication you displayed from our first meeting bore out her recommendation. Aside from an encouraging and inspiring way of engaging with me, you stand out from many because of your exceptional knowledge of human anatomy. This very dry description doesn't do justice to the importance of understanding exactly how a particular body moves and what is necessary to protect it from injury. It is clear that your technical training is exceptional and that I enjoy the benefit of this when we work together. Thank you for being patient and strict with me as my brain tries to wrap itself around some of the things you ask my body to do

Marguerite Gordon

I have known Leilah since way back in her dancing days at the Cape Academy of Performing Arts. She has extensive experience with the human body- knowing when to push and when to hold back. You can be guaranteed that during your workout she will be watching and correcting your posture to avoid injuries while pushing your body to its best ability. As a trainer she is encouraging, motivating, and her positivity is contagious. You can be rest assured that if you begin your health and wellness journey with her you will be far from disappointed. I would recommend anyone who is willing to make a change in their life to join A Moment to Move- it will be your best move yet!

Shannon Stewart

You are an absolute champion for doing what you do and being confident and strong and beautiful. It's inspiring. Thank you for being you :)

Kelly Scholtz, Cape Town Dietician

Leilah is excellent at what she does, she knows the human body, the way it moves and its almost limitless possibilities. She is always sharing the latest things she has learnt and looks for knowledge from those around her she sees thriving- a humble approach and one that enables her to be the amazing trainer she is.

Juliet Marais

Thanks for the great intro to pilates. We're already missing the tranquil Monday and Thursday mornings and the suspiciously long 10 second holds ... We'll need to find someone who is at least half as good here.

Timo Kairi, Finland