If you are a frequent traveller, this post is for you!

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Spending hours cooped up in an airplane or any form of long distance transport is likely to leave you feeling stiff and dehydrated.  I encourage you to take some time during and/or after your journey to move your body, just as urgently as you reach for a bottle of water post travel!

The video below takes you through a few basic exercises to help you loosen up and reconnect.  There is so much more I can recommend, so please do e-mail me if you’d like a few more options.  In the meantime, have a giggle at my sing-song narration!

The video takes you through:

  1. Roll Downs – spinal mobilization for  a stiff spine with some hamstring stretches and spinal rotation options.
  2. Hip Openers – for hips that have been sitting for an extended period of time with some spinal rotation options.
  3. Spine Curls and Curl Ups – to massage out a stiff spine and reconnect you to your core.
  4. A few stretch idea’s – stretches to play with for extra mobility.

Please note that none of these exercises should be extremely painful!  The goal is to gently move your body until you feel a little more human and a little more mobile.  In no way is this meant to be a sweaty workout!  Be gentle with your movement and don’t do anything that hurts.  8 – 10 repetitions of each exercise should be more than sufficient but do as many as you feel you need.  Enjoy…

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