Peace and Contribution

Sho.  It’s been a while. At a time when a lot of us are reflecting on the past year, I considered sharing my reflections with you.  Diving into the depths of what has been a very significant year for me personally and professionally. I’ve decided to spare you the diary entry and instead, share a true story with you which sums everything up quite wonderfully. On 22nd December 2016, I

All the Feels

The roof of my home is being replaced as I sit in the living room and write this.  I can’t help having a giggle as the loudness of the whole shebang reminds me of my own head… its constant state of questioning, review, problem solving, joy, despair, over-thinking… all the feels. And then there are moments of quiet. How apt. It’s been a while (five months or so?) since I’ve

A Year in Review…

This blog post has been brewing for a while.  There have been many days where I considered sitting down to spew it from my head… lucky you, today seems to be the THE day!  I’m not too sure what the end result of this post will be, but hopefully we can all take something from it and move the f*ck on. 2015 has been a little unforgiving to put it

Not my normal blog ramblings…

WARNING:  This blog post is perhaps a little off-the-wall.  Apologies in advance if it makes absolutely no sense and I waste precious minutes of you life.  Let me know so that I don’t do it again! Life is such a funny thing. We are born with no inhibitions.  Our senses allow us to piece together what is going on around us. As we grow older we sometimes turn our observations

If you don’t grow, you die.

On the 25th August 2015, I was sitting in a beauty salon in Wembley Square, Cape Town when I posted this status on Facebook… As I clicked “post” a thought flickered through my brain that sounded something like this; “That’s a pretty shallow sounding status.” But I went on with my day and as one does, forgot all about the fleeting social media word vomit. It is no excuse that

Beautiful Bali: Part 1

It’s been a few days since I returned home from what was one of the most profound trips over the sea in my 29 years on this earth.  I’m still trying to hold onto the warmth of the Balinese sunshine and the feeling of freedom, self-discovery and the awesomeness of being part of a group of Goddesses.  This could quite possibly be a very long blog post in which case

YOUR BODY – Spring Training Programmes

WHAT? YOUR BODY – Spring Training Programmes are ladies only small group training sessions designed to get you moving and grooving into a sexy Summer of feeling flexible, agile, strong, feminine and confident! WHY? Because exercise is imperative for personal wellbeing… and because I love to help women feel good about themselves! HOW? By combining weightlifting, High Intensity Interval Training, Pilates, stretching and weekend cardio you are achieving all the

Brave or Stupid?

The word “brave” has popped up in conversations with friends lately.  It’s a funny word for me.  In my mind someone who is brave is confident, fearless and willing to either loose it all, make a fool of themselves or risk their life.  Sometimes brave people are also willing to put others before themselves, which is probably the ultimate form of bravery in my head. So, when people say “you

Skeletons in the Cupboard…

As I plopped into bed last night (yes, plop) I had a brief flashback of myself at the age of 19 (10 years ago).  At first I had an internal giggle, then an internal cringe and then a massive internal sigh of relief.  It was a moment of reflection for sure but also a reminder of who I once was. There are always stories we choose to hide from people. 

You’re not fat. You’re voluptuous!

This was meant to be a short and sweet post, but I got a little carried away, so if you have a few minutes to spare, keep reading darling. “You’re not fat.  You’re voluptuous!” I’ve been told this on three occasions this last month and I can’t help but giggle a little.  I’m giggling because I can’t quite figure out if it’s an attempt at being polite about my curvaceous