Industry Friends

This is a list of people and businesses I recommend you get hold of should you require any of their services.

They’ve all been tried and tested by yours truly. 😉

[toggle title=”Andrea Hendricks – Fresh Fit”]

Andrea is the radiant, curly-haired beauty behind Fresh Fit.  We met through mutual friends and also trained at the same gym for a while.

Fresh Fit is a brilliant food delivery service that offers tasty and healthy gourmet food delivered straight to you.

I used Fresh Fit when I was going through a seriously busy rehearsal process and didn’t have time or energy to shop for or cook food.  It was brilliant!  The portion sizes are perfect and the meal options are spot on.  There is great variety and everything is packed with goodness.

The Boyfriend and I still call on Fresh Fit when planning a grocery shop and cooking is the last thing on our list of things to do!

Definitely a great option for busy humans who often reach for convenience foods.  Rather spend the money on healthy goodness that gets delivered TO you instead!

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[toggle title=”Alex Stewart – The Wedding Boutique”]

Alex and I know each other from way back in the day when we were both still at school and attending dance classes for fun.  We both followed our dreams and she now owns, runs and manages her own business too!

The Wedding Boutique is situated in Woodstock where Alex stocks everything a bride-to-be could dream of!  From beautiful jewellery and shoes to exquisite imported wedding gowns, The Wedding Boutique has got it all including personalized one on one consultations with Alex!

If you are planning your big day and haven’t yet found your gown, I suggest you head on over to the website and make an appointment asap!

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[toggle title=”Bronwyn Garlick – Don’t Do It Yourself”]

Bronwyn is not only one of my favourite humans, future bridesmaid and unofficial therapist, she is also the incredibly vivacious owner of Don’t Do It Yourself.

This serial busy-body and her team of helpers run errands for you so that you can spend more time on things that matter the most.

Bronwyn helps tick off all the things you have on your to-do list, be it grocery shopping, meal planning, renewing licenses or party planning.  You name it she can do it!

She’s here to help you free up your time so that you can live a healthier, happier and sexier life.

Don’t you just love it?  You’ll fall in love with her too the moment you meet her, trust me.  That’s my totally unbiased opinion of course 😉

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[toggle title=”Claire Gunn – Claire Gunn Photography”]

Claire is possibly one of the most talented and inspiring people I’ve ever met.

After punching life-long obesity in the face with pure will, determination and self-healing, Claire sought me out to help her lose the “last little bit”.  I taught her new movement and she taught me a thing or two about a woman’s will power!

Not only did Claire lose the “last little bit”… she quit her job as a chef and followed her passion for photography and boy is the world happy she did that!

If you haven’t heard of Claire or stumbled across her images, she captured all the images on this website.  I am so grateful to have met such a passionate, artistic, inspirational and sincerely intuitive soul and to have her capture me in pictures.

Do yourself a favour and browse through her galleries.  Do it.  Do it now. 😉

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[toggle title=”Collette Wren – Calm Holistic Massage”]

Collette is a masseuse extraordinaire!  I was referred to her firstly by a friend and then as fate would have it, we ended up working under the same roof together in Claremont.  I’m super lucky to have had daily encounters with this superb woman and always feel a sense of calm when she is around.

I’m pretty fussy when it comes to massage and when I go to Collette, she’s always 100% spot on with what I need.  She’s incredibly intuitive and is always willing to give me snippets of advice when it comes to finding my own balance or eliminating stress.

You’ll never want to go to anyone else for a massage after you’ve met her and experienced her awesomeness!

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[toggle title=”Dr Lin – Acupuncture”]

I found this little gem in 2010 when I was suffering with a mythical knee injury.  Numerous MRI scans and trips to knee surgeons couldn’t identify what was wrong, and I wasn’t prepared to go under the knife to investigate, so when someone recommended Dr Lin’s practise to me it was kind of my last resort.

Lone behold after 3 sessions at the clinic, the 3 month old mystery knee injury began to subside and then magically disappeared and I was back to dancing like the machine I was prior to my knee having a melt down!

Now, it’s important you know how much I hate needles.  I hate needles with a deep seeded hate so it really wasn’t easy for me to get my ass to Plumstead and subject myself to numerous little pointy needles puncturing my skin!  But, boy am I a believer in acupuncture after the above mentioned experience.

I returned a few years later for a back injury that had been lingering and true as bob, bye bye back pain after a few sessions.

This treatment really isn’t for everyone and the set up at Dr Lin’s is a bit odd in that patients share the same rooms.  So you’re not all hidden away behind a curtain.  You’re lying next to another human with needles in their head/ears/nose/toes/thumbs/knees.  Haha, so be prepared but also be prepared for awesome results post treatment.

021 761 7742

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[toggle title=”Gabi Esposito – Bake”]

Gabi is the owner and bake master of Bake.  I first met her at a promotions company we both worked for and then we reconnected and got to know each other a bit better at a gym we both trained at.

Not only is she beautiful, but she creates beautiful baked goods.  The catch here is, that Gabi is a fitness freak and super into eating well and even competes in fitness competitions!  Crazy, I know.

So, in amongst her red velvet cupcakes, One & Only Chocolate cakes and delectable varieties of Macarons, she also makes sugar, gluten and wheat free treats and protein ice-cream!

Never have I tasted such delicious guilt free goodness!

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[toggle title=”Kelly Scholtz – Cape Town Dietician”]

I met Kelly at a workshop with Sharni Quinn of Follow The Sun Yoga (mentioned in this list).  We have subsequently each been a client of the other.

Now, I’ve been to what feels like a million different dietician’s in my life time.  I’ve always struggled to stick to a plan which ultimately makes me angry with myself and then I go stuff my face with doughnuts.  True story.

Kelly is amazing in that she is not a crazy, scary, weigh your portions, don’t veer from the program type of dietician.  On the contrary, Kelly understands that we are human beings on a quest to find what works for us in the long term.  She’s not a quick fix queen (although she can give you a sneaky eating program that can get you LBD ready in a few weeks… she’s a dietician after all).  She encourages people to make healthy eating a lifestyle, which for me is what it’s all about.

Kelly will put you in the right direction when it comes to eating well balanced meals and is always available for support and a chat when you need her.

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[toggle title=”Louise Knoop – Prime Movement”]

Louise is a fantastically energetic, passionate and strangely enough, always tanned human!  I met her when I was 13 years old, a budding dancer and soon-to-be Anatomy student!

That’s right!  Lou was my very first Anatomy and Pilates teacher way back in the day when Pilates was still relatively new in South Africa.  Since then she has become the owner and founder of Prime Movement & the Prime Living Plan, a Pilates Coach, Mentor and Educator and the President of Pilates Method Alliance – Southern Africa Chapter.

So, having being taught by this incredible woman both in my teens and recently as an adult… she seems to know her stuff and I’ve passed a couple of her exams, which means, I must know my stuff too. 😉  *just saying*

If you are looking for ANYTHING Pilates, Louise is your go-to person

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[toggle title=”Rushda Moosajee – GLOW Women’s Physique by Rushtush”]

I found Rushda on Facebook randomly one day.  She was promoting ladies only classes at a gym in Woodstock and I ended up signing up for them.  Then I signed up at the gym.  Then I signed up for personal training sessions.  Then I ended up becoming a personal trainer and working at said gym.  LOL.  So, we eventually became colleagues and friends.

Rushda offers women’s only physique fitness training in the Cape Town CBD.  She trains what she calls her #lilbeasts in her own studio space and fundamentally motivates women to get fit, fab and healthy.

In essence, we are similar in that we both aspire to help women feel good about themselves and take ownership of their wellness journey.  We just have slightly different approaches.  Rush is a little more “hard-core” than I am and is known for making sure there is a lot of sweat on her gym floor after a session.

Her girls love her and I love her for being such a fitspiration to women.

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[toggle title=”Shannon McLaughlin – Red Wine & Vanilla Chai”]

Shannon and I met on a Pilates course run by, Louise Knoop (also mentioned in this list) in early 2013.

A year later (after realising she actually didn’t want to be a Pilates teacher.  Lol) and Shannon had thrown herself head first into a new business venture, helping Health & Wellness professionals build their brands and businesses!  Enter, Leilah a qualified Pilates teacher and Health & Wellness professional seeking brand and business advice.

That’s right, this very website is the work of Shannon.  However, you need to know that she is so much more than a web designer.  From my very first meeting with her, she got me clear on the What / Who / Why / Where / How and helped me develop the beginnings of a brand and business that is me to the “t”.

If you are in the health and wellness industry, wanting to start your own business or needing to revamp, re-brand or revolutionise your business, Shannon is the woman for the job!

Investing in Shannon’s services has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time!  It’s been scary, but so worth it and I know the best is yet to come.

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[toggle title=”Sharni Quinn – Follow The Sun Yoga”]

I met this ray of light at a Wellness Ambassadors event in 2012.  Sharni is the seamless picture of health and love.  Her smile is contagious and you just want to grow up to be like her.

Sharni is an ex-corporate business woman turned Yogi.  She has written a book called “Follow The Sun – A healing Yoga journey” and most importantly is a Yoga teacher and Lifestyle coach.

Sharni’s Yoga classes are gentle and focussed.  I love her approach to movement as she encourages ease and flow and always has a modification should you need it.  She teaches group classes and is also available to come to your home.

This ray of light also often runs workshops at Wellness Warehouse in Kloof Street, so keep your eyes out for them.  To put the cherry on top, Sharni also takes groups of wellness seekers to Bali once a year for a Yoga getaway!  I’m planning on joining the next group.  This year wasn’t my year unfortunately so 2015, will hopefully see me Yoga-ring it up in Bali!

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