Movement Practice

Movement Practice is the culmination of movement techniques and styles I’ve personally studied and practiced over a 20 year period.

A healthy mix of body conditioning, movement techniques and choreographic phrases that encourage your individual expression and embrace “mistakes”… because there are no mistakes!

With the mindset that there are endless possibilities both in movement and the individual, I facilitate these sessions with passion and the desire to assist a positive shift in the bodies and minds of people through Movement Practice.


How can we play more in our lives?  Have more fun and laugh?  Where can we be more childlike, let go of our inhibitions and relish in the delight of simple play?

Playing reminds us that nothing is certain, requires imagination and a sense of innocence.  A body in play responds to what’s necessary to remain in the fun of the activity.

Play brings us back to the simplicity of doing something for the joy of it.


A force creates a need for adaptation.

Life is constant adaptation to surroundings, interactions and circumstances.  It’s important for us to be able to adapt to any force that may come our way so that we aren’t knocked off our feet.

In order to become dynamic we need to expose ourselves to unpredictable forces.

When applying dynamics to movement, we discover potential within the body and how our individual bodies need to adapt to any given force.  Where are we stronger than we are weaker and visa versa?  Where do we adapt efficiently versus inefficiently?

The more we are exposed to dynamic forces, we begin to notice our blocks, patterns and fears, then find ways to move through, over, under or around them as we gain mental and physical confidence, agility and strength.


A sense of curiosity will more often than not lead one through many doorways.  These doorways open you up to new discoveries, opportunities and possibilities.

With this knowledge, we are reminded once again that nothing is certain and there is always a way, often many ways, which then improves and assists how we choose to move through our circumstances, relationships and lives in general.

A curious body and mind will discover endless potential.


Video by Lindsey Appolis