Sho.  It’s been a while.

At a time when a lot of us are reflecting on the past year, I considered sharing my reflections with you.  Diving into the depths of what has been a very significant year for me personally and professionally.

I’ve decided to spare you the diary entry and instead, share a true story with you which sums everything up quite wonderfully.

On 22nd December 2016, I met a man on an Eastern Cape beach.  I’m still not sure if he was real, even though we hugged goodbye.  He felt like a messenger who had this to tell me;

  1. The pain will end.
  2. There is no growth without suffering.
  3. Seek peace instead of happiness.  One can still find peace in suffering.
  4. Remove yourself from negative energy.  You don’t have time for it.
  5. We are all on a train and people get on and off the train.  We don’t always know the reasons for them coming and going.  You will also get off the train one day.  But while you are on it, and they are on it with you, listen to them and try to contribute.

And that’s it.  I cried as he spoke and I laughed with tears streaming down my face as I walked home.

Life is weird and hard and magical and confusing and wonderful and scary and thrilling.  I’m choosing to seek peace and will continue to aim to contribute to those who I have the privilege of sitting next to.

With So Much Love

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