I’ve always been interested in alternative medicine and healing methods and have visited various practitioners for many years for differing reasons.

Reiki has appeared throughout my treatments and when I had the opportunity in March 2019 to attend a Reiki 1 course with Reiki Master, Louise Westerhout, I felt drawn to participating and didn’t stew over the decision for too long.  I like to think “Reiki has happened to me” …in all the best ways.

I’m taking my time to practice, explore and strengthen this Japanese technique of energy healing on myself and others and loving the journey thus far!  My plan is to set-up an at-home treatment space where I can offer sessions to anyone who feels they need some extra support and restorative touch therapy.

While I explore and deepen my Reiki knowledge and practice, I’d love to offer sessions and ask simply for a donation that suits your budget.  Contact me to schedule a time and a place.