image (3)It has to be said that winter is my favourite season.  Mainly because I can cover myself up in hoodies and sweat pants and forget about trying to look like the super model I’ll never look like… because I’m 163cm tall and well, don’t have the smallest build in the world.

Crazy super model dreams aside, covering myself up and disappearing into the depths of my couch with wintery comfort food and lack of Vitamin D (I’m human after all!) left me feeling rather sluggish, unmotivated and looking like a heffalump (I know this because I took pictures of myself in my underwear and it wasn’t pretty).

Then I had a little conversation with myself that went something like this;

“Leilah, you are supposed to be a picture of health!  How are you supposed to inspire people when you are feeling lethargic and heffalumpish?  It’s not good enough and where is your self-respect?  Do you not take your own health seriously enough?  This has to stop.  Pick yourself up out of the gutter, find the will to be the best version of yourself you can be and sort your shit out!”

That’s the summarized version.  The full version lasted nearly a whole week and consisted of a lot more swear words. 😀

So, dear reader, I put my big girl panties on and decided to clean up my act!

Having heard about The Skinny Juice Company a few months back, I decided to take the plunge and order a 3 day juice cleanse to kick-start my “sort your shit out” journey.

The first thing I did in the week leading up to my cleanse was replace my morning caffeine fix with warm lemon and ginger water.  This wasn’t easy because I’m a huge coffee fan and find some sort of comfort in enjoying a morning cuppa.  I also tried to cut out as much sugar and refined carbohydrates as possible. (I’ve got a savoury tooth, so I’d reach for a Salticrax a lot faster than a chocolate bar).

It’s advisable when you do a juice cleanse to clean up your diet as much as possible beforehand.  I didn’t suffer from any headaches during the cleanse and I know it’s because I’d suffered the headaches the week before when I cut out caffeine!

Day 1 of the cleanse started with a cup of warm lemon and ginger water and a probiotic.  I was advised to take a probiotic by dietician and registered chef, Kelly Scholtz (Schreuder) so that my gut contained some digestion-enhancing microflora to help maintain a healthy gastrointestinal system.

Sorry, this is a bit gross but it’s very important that you poop on any sort of detox!  If you are not pooping, your body is not excreting all the toxins you are trying to rid yourself of!  If you are not pooping, you can take a digestive enzyme or drink psyllium husks to help pooping occur.  These will be available at your nearest health shop.

Back to day 1.  The day went by smoothly and I consumed all 5 Skinny juices (deliciousness in a bottle!) about 2 or 3 hours apart from each other as recommended.  I experienced a slight energy dip at 3pm that day and again at 9pm when I was ready to go to bed.  I slept like a dream!

image (2)

Day 2 was a little bit more of a challenge because I had early morning clients which meant I drank my first Skinny quite early.  I’d also woken up with two volcanic pimples on my face, so the detox had started, apparently!

Many people say day 2 is often the worst and it’s probably because your body is now officially going through the detoxification process (I’m no detox expert)!  I felt a little zoned out and luckily had the opportunity to have a nap… which turned into a two and a half hour SLEEP!  I found that I couldn’t drink my 5th juice of the day and was so nauseous that I wouldn’t even let my boyfriend say the word “juice”.  I was in bed by 9pm again and slept like a dream… again!

Day 3 was a breeze.  I woke up early and didn’t feel sluggish and needing to press snooze on my alarm.  Colours seemed brighter.  My skin was glowing (minus the two blemishes from the previous day’s volcanic pimple escapade) and I felt super light on my feet.  I was also less anxious and still am today!

To add to the wonder of the world, when I jumped on the scale it read 61kg’s.  Now, I have not seen that number on a scale for at least 10 years!  I didn’t care if it was water weight or muscle loss… do you have ANY idea how motivating it is to see your goal weight on a scale after a 10 year struggle!?  I knew that it was unlikely that I would see this number (because it’s just a number after all) again soon once I started eating and exercising normally, so I revelled in it and told ALL my friends! 😀 hehehe

I’d also timed day three to coincide with a visit to Angsana Spa at the Vineyard Hotel where I indulged in two and a half hours of a full body massage and an Indian head massage (I had received a gift voucher, just in case you think I’m a baller 😉 ).  If you’ve ever had a massage, you’ll notice how bunged up your sinuses get, because essentially a massage is also a sort of detox.  Well, I didn’t experience that at all!  In fact, I walked out of Angsana Spa feeling like a fairy with wings and a sparkly wand, surrounded by other mini-fairies who were throwing glitter at me!  I smiled at everyone I came into contact with and drove home in a bit of an euphoric state.

image (4)

Over-all, completing the 3 day Skinny Juice Company cleanse was, for me, an incredible experience and exactly what I needed to kick-start the change of season and lift myself out of the slump I was in.  It wasn’t always easy, but it was so unbelievably worth it!

It’s been 3 days since I completed the cleanse and I’m still feeling light on my feet, bright in my eyes and ready to take on the day.  The scale read 61.6kg’s this morning which I wasn’t expecting at all (I thought I’d be back up to my original weight which was 63.5kgs) so I’m pretty chuffed but have been keeping my eating pretty clean and haven’t hit the gym yet.

None the less, feeling this great and seeing that number (and it really really is just a number people) has given me motivation to continue on this “sort your shit out” journey and fuel my body the best way I can.  I’m using the help of Kelly Scholtz’s guides that she designed for my Leilah Kirsten – a moment to move clients.  You can read more about these guides here.

image (1)

If you feel like you need a bit of Spring cleaning, I recommend you  get hold of The Skinny Juice Company.  They were efficient, polite and impressively checked in with me every step of the way!  I don’t think I would have coped with a 5 day cleanse, being a first-time juice cleanser.  3 days was just perfect for me.  I’m also offering a special on training in Spring if you’re feeling unmotivated to get your ass to the gym.  Come and join myself and my awesome clients for some marvellous movement sessions and let’s get Summer ready together after you’ve finished your juice cleanse!

With Love



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