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I was inspired to write this post after watching Danielle La Porte’s “What would your life be like if you only did what was easy?” video. It got me thinking about my training philosophy and why I’m not a hard-core hectic fitness freakazoid (respect to those that are!).

Some people might not know this about me, only my oldest dancing friends might, but I’m actually quite OCD and my perfectionism didn’t only exist in my dance career but also in my school and personal life.  Ok fine, I wasn’t a straight A student, but my handwriting was always impeccable, my art projects were carried out with extreme attention to detail and I was shattered into tiny glass pieces if any of my relationships showed signs of conflict or instability.  It was tiring!  Striving for perfection in any way shape or form is extremely tiring and can suck the life right out of you.  I’ll say the time old cliché now;

“There is no such thing as perfect”.

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When I stopped dancing, all of a sudden things got a little easier.  I didn’t have to try so hard all the time.  I also learnt that I needed to let go of a few friendships that were no longer serving me.  THAT was hard… but necessary.  Things simply got easier as I gave myself space and time to realise that I didn’t have to try so hard anymore.

The point I’m trying to make is that this realisation of not having to try so hard has allowed me to ENJOY my fitness/wellness/finding balance/be in sync with the universe (whatever you want to call it!) journey!  I’m trying to do what comes easily to me.

Please don’t get me wrong!  I’m not saying I can’t be bothered with a hectic, heart palpitating, vomit inducing kettlebell session!  What I’m saying is, if a hectic, heart palpitating, vomit inducing kettlebell session feels easy for me to do on any given day I’m gonna go do it because it will make me feel alive, powerful and grateful for what my body can achieve!  …Now you’re really thinking I’m off my rocker.


You need to know that when I (and Danielle) use the word “easy” it shouldn’t be mistaken for meaning “lazy”.  I’m not advocating laziness, I’m encouraging you to recognise what makes you feel good and your existence on this planet feel natural, simple and more energetic.  What lets you flow?

I’m not a fitness freak (again, respect to those that are).  I am a wellness freak.  I want you and me to be well.  To live this life loving every breath and being grateful for every movement our incredible bodies can produce.  I love movement because it makes me feel alive but I’m not going to go all hectic, crazy, train five hours a day on your ass…  Or mine for that matter.  My ass trained for 7 hours a day for a large sum of my teenage years and young-adulthood.  Been there, done that.  If YOU want to train for five hours a day because it lets you flow and feels easy, then go for it!

So, I’m not all hectic and stuff.  I’m proclaiming that I am letting go of my strife for physical perfection.  I want to be well, live with energy and a sense of lightness.  I want to inspire others to be well and move with confidence because that is what movement gives me.  If I inspire you to become a fitness model, Yogi, pro surfer, or simply to be a healthier mother, a happier employee, to smile at a stranger, or to clean out your kitchen and restock it with healthier options, then I’m doing my job.

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Watch the video at the top of this post.  Ponder over it.  How can you start living your life with more ease?  In writing this post, I’ve acknowledged that I’m ok with my “easy” training philosophy because it lets me flow, allows me to keep things simple and efficient.  In this way, I can give my clients, the people who I aim to inspire on a daily basis, wellness through my genuine passion for and understanding of movement.

With love



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